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Thursday, 30th June, 2016

Follow Me To Copenhagen : Cafe Rist

I remember when I came to this famouse Copenhagen cafe for the first time 3 years ago. I barely knew what good coffee should taste like, or what’s the difference between a cappuccino and a late. One confused order later, I was sat there admiring the interior and sipping on an americano with a splash of cold soya milk. The same exact drink I ordered last Saturday when I went over there for a chill morning meeting with a friend of mine.

Kaffebar Rist is known to be one of the best places for coffee in Copenhagen so if you travel do put it on your itinerary!

This cafe is located in one of the infamous streets of Copenhagen called Værnedamsvej. It’s the same street where Aesop, Shop Dora, Granola, Gourmand and Blomsterskuret are located.  The street is perfect for streetstyle pictures as well so if you want some Copenhagen snaps this is a good place to be!

Ked som pred tromi rokmi prvykrat navstivila toto kafe, nemala som tusenie ako ma chutit a vyzerat dobra kava. Po par minutach zmatenej objednavky som si objednala svoj drink a mohla obdivovat interier a pripravu, ktorej venuju vela pozornosti a casu.

Rist je jedna z najznamejsich Kodanskych kaviarni. Nachadza sa v Ulicke ktora spaja dve zname Kodanske stvrte frederiksberg a vesterbro. Tato ulicka ja natlacena najcoolovejsimi obchodikmi, kvetinarstvami a kaviarnami. Najdete tu aj Aesop, Gourmand ci preslavenu Granolu. A sa chystate do Kodane urcite si Rist pridajte do svojho planiku a pridajte extra cas na objavovanie Værnedamsvej.



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Weekly Inspiration #3: Scandinavian Dining Guide

When you are kid, you walk into your mum’s kitchen and you just ask hey where is this and that? She points you to a cupboard or a drawer and thats it. Perhaps it’s a perk of Easter European families, there most households accumulate a crapload of useful and just in case utensils. I hate hoarding things in all aspects of life and choose to make conscious decisions and what goes into my house. I would rather have less and well curated than have drawers overflowing with a mis- match of randomness I use once a year.

There are a few brands around that I think have all you need to setup your home. Of course I assume this is the time after you left a dorm room and are starting to build your own nest. They are basic, they have a character and they will suit you well forever. The biggest tip however is to actually think of what you need. Are you a soup fan or do you make pancakes every weekend? You need a proper scoop! Serving food on you terrace or balcony or bed? It’s a tray you are after!

Eva Solo

Georg Jensen

Design letters & Friends

Suite One Studio







567483 MyFlavour carafe1














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Why you can’t deny breakfast invitations…





I skip breakfast… Always… When I get up and rush to get ready to be in the office in decent time, breakfast is the last thing on my mind. And anyways, it’s way too early for me to eat. I am more of a brunch person.

There are exceptions to the rule though. I made one last week at the Jalm&B’s breakfast event. Vegan brownies and locally sourced ingredients for bread and hindbær snitte are just too tempting.



Keď sa ráno ponáhľam do prace, raňajky sú posledná vec na ktorú myslím. Nikdy mi ráno extra nechutilo, práve naopak. Preferujem neskoršie raňajky/ skorší obed alebo brunch, tory je v Kodani aj tak populárnejší.

Z čašu na čas však treba urobiť výnimku, ako som urobila ja minulý týždeň, na evente Jalm&B. Táto malá pekáreň predstavovala svoje produkty z lokálnych ingrediencii, ktoré dostupne v lokálnom ekologickom obchodnom reťazci Irme. Myslím že si rovno urobím zásobu do mraziaku!

A čo vy? Ste ranajkové typy?






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This summer holiday guide!






The kick in the ass about building your own  design portfolio!




Holy trinity: Olivia + Hedvig + Mija




Seeing Beyonce’s Lemonade visual album!




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Everything + some glitter: Magnum Pleasure Store x Sandra Willer


Did someone say ice- cream?

Here are some snippets from yesterday gathering at Magnum Pleasure store hosted by the lovely Sandra Willer and catered by the alchemistic Blume.

I went for white chocolate coating, coconut+lavender+glitter+chocolate flakes&rose petals drizzle. It was so good that even writing about it now makes me want to run get one!

You can still get yours at the Norr store where the popup is located but watch out because tomorrow is the last day so if you are dreaming of a selfie with an overdressed ice-cream head right over!


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How much comfort is too much comfort if you want to look put together every day 7 days a week but still manage to sit the whole day by your computer without suffocating or sticking to the hem of your super tight skirt? How appropriate are sneakers over dressy shoes, or does it matter?

Well, in Denmark in general you can say it’s ok if you wear whatever fits YOUR own preference and style. Compared to other countries, the fashion is very relaxed even in office environments. The again, you do want to look like you mean business and no matter who walks up on you, they should be aware there is no messing with you. What gives you that power boost? That good OOTD day feeling? To me it’s nicely cut flowy shirt and a pair of kickass white sneakers, to our head business woman, SMO Simone it’s a badass pair of heels and a statement bag! It must be the attitue.

1.The Perfect Blue Shirt  2.The Dressy White Sneaker  3.The Barely There Lipstick  5.Flowy Soft Hair  6.The Refresh and Run Scent 7. Elegant but Minimalisitc Pen

Some Inspiration From The Pros

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